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When analyzing for PFAS, many matrices present unique challenges. The proprietary test methods offered by Pace® help clients overcome these obstacles.

PFAS by Isotope Dilution

Matrices: Ground & Surface Waters, Wastewater, Leachate, Wastewater Sludge & Biosolids, Soil & Other Solids, Biota, AFFF

Compounds: 40

Developed by Pace® for non-potable water, solids, biota, and biosolids, PFAS by Isotope Dilution follows all of the rigorous quality control standards outlined in DOD QSM B-15. Able to quantitate 40 PFAS compounds, this method is widely applicable to both DOD and commercial/industrial applications. Furthermore, Pace® has been audited and certified to the accreditation standards of DOD, TNI NELAC, and state accreditation bodies.

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Matrices: Ground & Surface Waters, Wastewater, Leachate, Wastewater Sludge & Biosolids, Soil & Other Solids, AFFF

Compounds: total organofluorine

Developed by Pace®, True-TOF quantifies the total organofluorine in a liquid sample without extraction to a carbon media. Without the need for extraction, True-TOF can be a more reliable test than other methods, such as AOF, because extraction efficiency concerns are not an issue. True-TOF is also a low volume test that only requires 10 mL of liquid matrix. True-TOF is one of the methods Pace® uses to analyze for total organofluorine in aqueous matrices. The technology used for this method is combustion-ion chromatography (C-IC) using a novel system where both the inorganic fluoride and total fluorine can be quantitated, the difference reported as True-TOF.

Articles Of Commerce

Matrices: Flourinated containers, fluoropolymers

Compounds: 36

PFAS is often an ingredient in fluoropolymers and other materials used for packaging and in many commercial and industrial applications. It is also a concern in the container industry and chemical formulation. PFAS can leach out to contaminate whatever it comes in contact with. Pace® has developed proprietary SOPs capable of analyzing for 36 common PFAS compounds in Articles of Commerce to support our clients’ efforts to monitor production and manufacturing operations to control the spread of PFAS and keep their customers safe.


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